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The Royal William

The Royal William in Camber, East Sussex

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Andrew Bamji
8 Oct 2014

I would be interested in the old sign. I have a postcard dating from the 1930s which shows the old hotel, but the Rye Museum would I am sure be interested and I could pass it on.


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P -
2 Oct 2014


I have been asked to post on here by a friend who stumbled across this thread but who is not very good using the computer.

In short they have the old pub sign that hung outside, and presumably knowledge of it too.

She wondered if anybody was interested in acquiring the sign from her, and presumably pass on any information that may be of interest.

If this thread is still alive post back and I can let her know.


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Keith Swallow
9 May 2014

(Very belated) thanks for this, Gill - I had lost the link to this site. My research has now got a lot further. The original building was constructed in 1807 but burned down in 1900. After being rebuilt it suffered another fire after which it was purchased by the golf club. The new pub was constructed on the Old Lydd Road in 1936/37 and was very successful in the 1960s. It closed in the early 2000s, with planning permission for change of use being granted in 2005. I hope to be publishing a book on the pubs of the Romney Marsh in a couple of years' time.

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18 Sep 2013

The Club House opposite the Golf Club on the Camber Road was known,as far as I can remember as a child, as the 'Old Billy' but my Grandfather, Mr J Sherwood, built the Royal William on the site of what are now some flats (possibly Royal William Square as you have stated) on the Old Lydd Road back in the 1930s. My Wedding Reception was held there in 1973.

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Keith Swallow
16 May 2013

This is an interesting thread. I'm afraid I can't access the photo, but have been doing some research into Romney Marsh pubs and the Royal William puzzles me. I've seen photos of the "Old Billy" from the 1890s, where it is just a shack, located - seemingly - where Royal William Square now stands. But later photos show a much more substantial building which appears to be opposite the Golf Club on the Camber Road. I believe that the original burnt down, but wonder why it was seemingly rebuilt in a different location. I can only assume that proximity to the golf course HQ was the key factor.

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Jackie White
23 Mar 2013

Photo of old postcard I have:[email protected]/2999165875/in/set-72157603980297230/

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Petra Negus
26 Oct 2011

I have just moved into Royal William Square which is apparently built on the site of the Royal William Pub. Is there anyone who has some photographs of the pub. Any ideas anyone?
Good luck to Rebecca in her search.

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Rebecca Coleman
19 Sep 2011


I am attempting to do some research on the Royal William, Camber. According to the 1881 census William and Maria Southerden were living here (these are my great great grandparents) near the station masters house. I can see that there is a place/building existing of this name on old OS maps, but I cannot find it anywhere 'now'. I am led to believe that in 1894 a hotel opened of the same name - could this be the same building? If so - where is it? Was it destroyed in the war? Looking at the old maps the position roughly marries up with a building opposite the golf course - is this it?

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